Best Hairdressers Hackney

Looking for the very best hairdressers in Hackney?

Choosing a new hairdresser isn’t always an easy decision. You need to find someone who listens to your requirements, has a flare for style and a true passion for hair. Whether you’ve moved into the area and need a new hairdresser or simply want a change, Danilo Hairstylist is a popular choice for many in the area.

By choosing Danilo, you are choosing an experienced and professional hairdresser who specialises in thick and curly hair. He offers many years of experience working in a range of different environments, all of which have led him to running his very own hairdressing salon.

Danilo is not only extremely talented and professional, but he will take the time to understand your dream haircut and go above and beyond what you imagined. Whether you fancy a new cut, something simple or something bold- Danilo can provide you with a look that suits you and your personality.

If you’d like to make an appointment with Danilo, follow the simple booking form on the website. To speak to Danilo direct, call today on 075 04333 931 where you can discuss your requirements.